I am so glad you have dropped by for a visit at Talking Tea Cups!  I know you want to find out what this website is all about…..

talking tea cups


Over the years I have parented, youth pastored, taught, and mentored girls of all ages.  I have received the benefits of a wonderful mentor myself and I know the value firsthand of having someone in your life who supports and listens and encourages.

This website is more than just beautiful pictures and quaint thoughts.  It is to encourage other women, YOU, to find a sweet pre-teen, teenager, young mommy, single lady, or anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on,  a listening ear, and a guiding hand.


It’s really pretty simple.  All you need is a young lady, 2 cups of hot tea or coffee, and of course a wonderful treat to share.  Life has taught you much, so give from your experiences and knowledge.

So hopefully you will find ideas, encouragement as a mentor, so great recipes to try, and my thoughts found in the blog section.

Now it’s your turn….FIND HER! She’s out there.  You know her.

And most importantly, she needs you!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions of your own on the subject of mentoring.  I love to hear from my readers.