A Letter to my 13 year old self by Trudy Samsill

(I watch my own pre-teen daughter growing up right before my eyes with each day bringing new outward changes and inner discoveries.  I’ve often said that a teenager changes as quickly as a newborn babe, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  As I watch her blossom in every way imaginable, I find myself saying things to her that I would have told my own 13 year old self.  Imagine with me through this letter below what you might have said to your pre-teen or teen self.  Now imagine all of the ones you do know that need to hear these words spoken to their tender hearts…..and then go tell her.)

Dear Me,

Life is a challenge and an adventure rolled into one huge ball of emotion, fun, challenges, journey, and discovery.  You will grow and flourish and be a world-changer if you keep a few things in the forefront of your young mind.  Can I tell you a few of those life-altering things?

  1. YOU ARE VALUABLE, like PRICELESS VALUABLE! So first of all, treat yourself as valuable, and others will do the same.  Jewels are made to shine, to bring beauty, and to be treasured.  You are a jewel.
  1. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THOSE AROUND YOU. Never underestimate your significance on this planet.  You matter!  The world needs what you have to offer.
  1. YOU AND YOUR IDEAS AND THOUGHTS AND DREAMS AREN’T DUMB OR STUPID. The dreams floating around in your head need to come out and reach those in your realm of influence.  Write that book, sing that song, dance that dance, run that race.
  1. YOU DON’T NEED TO FEEL ASHAMED ABOUT YOUR BODY. Everyone has flaws, which really make us all the more beautiful.  Everyone feels insecure at times, but don’t let that insecurity taint how you see yourself.  Embrace everything about you.  Don’t hide or cover up what the world may see as a defect.  God sees them as beauty marks, as His special mark on you.
  1. BE BOLD AND BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS EVEN IN THE FACE OF FEAR. Fear will try to keep you from doing what is in your heart to do.  Never think you have to be fearless.  Do it afraid, staring fear in the face while you trample it underfoot going boldly into those new realms you dare enter.
  1. BE HIS. You belong to God.  He made you and has amazing plans in store for you.  Being His will allow you to develop a trust level in your Heavenly Father that NOTHING can shake.
  1. BE PATIENT. Yes, timing is everything when it comes to life and life’s plans unfolding.  It’s okay to live these remaining teen years unhurried and unrushed.  That will come soon enough as an adult.  So slow down, settle down, and watch God reveal His mighty plan for you.
  1. LISTEN TO THOSE AROUND YOU THAT YOU TRUST. Be teachable.  Learn all you can, not just educational, but learn life skills and life lessons with an open heart and mind.  There are lessons to be learned in these teen years that will save you trouble and heartache later in life.
  1. KEEP GOD FIRST AND FOREMOST IN YOUR LIFE. This lifestyle will yield a lifetime of beautiful results.
  1. And lastly, FORGIVE THOSE THAT HURT YOU. Even if they don’t ask for your forgiveness, love yourself enough to live free from the prison of unforgiveness.

Nothing in life is easy, but those things in life that you really want, that you can’t stop dreaming about, keep on dreaming!  The hard work, tears, joy, and trials that come with seeing those dreams come true will all be worth it.

So to my young self, I as an adult, believe in you and your purpose on this planet!

Stay in Christ,

The Older Me