Fear. Loneliness.

Being a mentor is not always “tea and cookies.”  Oftentimes it becomes a cup of tears with a plate of defeat.  Many times my best laid plans of snickerdoodles, hot coffee, and the young woman I was spending an hour a week with turned into piles of kleenex, tears mixed with fears, and utter hopelessness.

As a mentor you WILL run into these things.  You will be required to reach out, to touch, to listen, to talk.  The one you are mentoring will need something from you.

It will be her lifeline, her buoy in the raging sea of life.

Something life-changing and path-altering.

She will need LIGHT.  Your light to be exact. You have it inside you.

I have both NEEDED the light and BEEN the light.  If you have ever needed the light, then you know what it felt like to have the light dispel your darkness and chase away the dark shadows of fear.

Light is a wonderful thing to the one sitting in the deep darkness of despair.  Or to the one stumbling along life’s uneven path.



Oftentimes, life can become a bit dull.  Daily chores, work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes….all can turn a once-lively woman into a despondent, disheartened, being.

I know.  I’ve been there.  You probable have to.

Be the light

Be her light….her dancing, crackling, sparkler who interjects some liveliness into her day.

Remind her that this is just a season, the dishes, the laundry, the monotony……make a date to bring some fun into her day.  Go for a walk in a beautiful park, take her for a manicure, do a little shopping together, eat at a new restaurant.

Oftentimes, life can be cruel and fill our heads with lies.  Our circumstances have warped our once clear thinking.  The job loss whispers we are failures.  The broken relationship shouts we will never have what we long for.  The shattered dream taunts we aren’t worthy.

We need light.

She needs light in the form of truth.

Be the Light

Stark, glaring, truth that reminds her she is worth it, she is valuable, she is noticed.

Be the light.  The single, bright. nearly-blinding, naked bulb of truth that awakens her to reality.

Be her light.

Oftentimes, life strips every ounce of beauty from us leaving us worn, weary, heartless, bedraggled.  Hard times, hard work, harsh words, harsh moments. The soft, shimmering light of love and listening and leaning in to gently remind her of the truth is needed.

Be the Light

There still is beauty and light in the harshness of life.  Help her see it.

Be the light.  Be her delicate, shimmering chandelier of soft light that gently reminds her that life, though at times is harsh, can still be good.

Be her light.

Oftentimes, life will leave us cold and shivering in its frosty, frigid embrace and chill our once warm hearts to the core.  The harsh, icy-ness can and will thaw.

Be the Light

Be the one willing to gather the wood, get down on your knees, build her a fire, stoke the fire and warm her frozen heart.  She just needs someone to start a fire within her.  Love can do that.

Be the light.

Be her light.

Oftentimes, life will suck the joy right out of a person leaving her living in a black, gray, and white existence void of all color.

Be the Light

Be the color in her black and white world.  Bring a touch of brilliance and light and wonder.

Be the light.

Be her light.

Be willing to push aside your plans of the standard cup of java and plate of cookies and just simply be.

Shine, twinkle, sparkle, warm, blaze.

Most importantly, be Jesus to her.  THE LIGHT OF LIFE.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  (John 8:12)

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  1. You are simply amazing Tru! You have no idea how much you inspire me, mean to me, and how much I love you and your family!

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