If you are like me, the fact that Christmas is five weeks away takes your breath away, gives the butterflies in your stomach a run for their lives, or makes you sweat profusely!


Well, hopefully I can do just that!

I get so very tired of the Christmas gift “suggestions” seen on today’s TV shows or news broadcasts.  Who really wants or needs another scarf, glittery set of headphones, singing coffee cups…..I could go on and on as long as the Christmas music does.

Don’t get me wrong! I love scarves, coffee cups, and Christmas music, but what gets me is the amount of money spent on gifts that are quickly forgotten or broken or never used.

Why not do something new this Christmas?  START A LIFE-LONG TRADITION!

Start a tradition

Since we all will be spending money on gifts this Christmas season, why not buy a gift for the girls and women on our list that will not only touch hearts but begin a precious tradition that could last forever?

Give the lasting gift of time and tea or coffee and face-to-face chats!  Inspire others to start this tradition in their own families or friends!

I have made it easy for you!  With the clicks of a few buttons, you can get a Talking Tea Cups Starter Kit.  (More information can be found after clicking the link.)

In this kit you receive 2 matching tea or coffee cups, tea or coffee samples, a treat, and discussion prompts!  All for $19.95 + shipping!

I am so excited at the women who are catching on with this idea to slow down, savor, and share their lives with others!

Let this tradition begin in your own life with another special girl or woman!  Or help someone else start this timeless event for themselves.


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