Recent events in my life have led me down Memory Lane.  Today someone spoke into my daughter’s life and she said words reminiscent of ones I, at the age of 12, heard as well.

“You are called to be a leader.”

Heavy words for a 12 year old, but what better time to hear them and embrace them except early on in life?  I remember when I heard these words for myself.  A woman in my church that I looked up to began taking me under her wing, showing special interest in me and in her own unique way, she showed me the way.

Over the years, I have had someone to follow, women in my life willing to take the time and show me the way:  my mother, grandmothers, and several older, wiser, women who simply took an interest in me.

I’ve had many opportunites as well to invest time and attention in girls and women in my sphere of influence:  my own daughter, teens, newly-wed women, young mothers, floundering wives.

All of us need someone to follow, to look up to, to show them the way.

And that’s who you are, if you have by now decided to invest in someone’s life during your own Talking Tea Cups time.  You are a leader!

Most of the time we overlook the one-on-one moments and think that leading involves something much more public than tea, coffee, and cookies.  Women, don’t overlook your opportunities to lead those in need of someone to follow!

If I could, I would stand on a mountaintop and shout 3 words for women all across the globe to hear!  That’s how passionately I feel about this topic!  For now, hear me roar them through this typed-out sentence:

“IT’S about time!”

“It’s ABOUT time!!”

“It’s about TIME!!!”


To those of you who are “seasoned” I would love to look you in the eyes and say with all my might……

It’s about time we look past our own noses, our own set of circumstances, and look up and look out around us!  I guarantee you that your eyes will meet those of a girl or woman needing what you have.  TIME!

It truly is about time.  Yes, like time on a clock, hours-minutes-seconds-kind of time.   How much of it do we waste on the silly foolishness around us?? Our faces are in Facebook, our fingers are tapping out the next tweet, or snapping the most recent event in our small world for Instagram.


We waste that precious time and wallow in loneliness, purposelessness, and pointlessness when all we need to do is go find her!  I bet several women or girls have already crossed your mind as you have read this.

Women, it’s about time we find her, ask her, make room in our week for her.

It’s about time we look up and see, really see those around us in need of a hug, a chat, an offered cup of coffee or tea, a listening ear.

It’s about time we stop the nonsense and go help someone make sense of her world.

It’s about time we take down that beautiful, dainty set of tea cups and saucers and plates from the cupboard.  Wash them and use them! If you don’t have a set, I have made it easy for you to get one HERE.

It’s about time we share what life has taught us, listen to those around us, and give of ourselves, our time, and our experience.

It’s about time we offer her a hug, a distraction from the hum-drum, a moment of peace in her chaos, and empathy in her pain.

Give of yourself, your time, your attention.

Make the call, issue the invitation for one-on-one, ongoing, weekly TIME with the one who keeps coming to mind.

Yes, women IT’S ABOUT TIME!



4 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. Well, Tru, I just read this one today!! Well said! You hit your mark! Thank you. Love to you.

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