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Let me introduce the two of us…I’m Trudy (you can call me Tru, most everyone else does) and my sweet daughter is Jacie.

A little about me, Trudy…..I am the proud mommy of my only daughter, Jacie Faith Jane.  Before Jacie came around, I was a mommy to 3 boys, now all men, or at least nearly so.  What blessings they all are to me and my husband and best friend of 29 years!  I have home-schooled them all, still have the last son and Jacie to finish with.  The older two are living the life God has for them, both of which I am bubbly proud!  These 5 souls are my life!

Probably the most important thing that I can tell you is I ADORE GOD!  He is my EVERYTHING!  Without Him, I am nothing.  Second in line on my list of adoration is my man, then my children.  Oh yeah, I am an author too.  I write mostly Christian fiction.   You can find me at Trudy Samsill’s Amazon Author Page if you are interested in this side of my world.

When my darling baby girl was born, I realized I would probably parent in very different ways.  As we all know, boys and girls are not the same physically or emotionally!  I had to learn to mommy in strange new ways….I now had my hands full of tutus and tadpoles with this one!  Jacie has been from birth a princess/warrior if ever I saw one.  Sweet yet strong, gentle yet assertive, snuggly yet adventurous.

We have had many challenges, but I truly enjoy each one.  One moment we will be sharing a cup of peppermint tea, and the next she will be outside shooting her compound bow.  Needless to say, I love this girl!

A little more about Jacie Faith Jane….she loves Jesus and frogs! Jacie is a Daddy’s girl, which I think is the best thing on the planet.  They check the cows every evening together, shoot her pink BB gun, pick wild blackberries and plums, pretty much anything that involves the great outdoors.  Her brothers are her best buds and always have been.  Between Nerf gun attacks, wrestling matches, and watching baseball and football games on TV, she will either be looking for the next froggie that needs a hug, drawing pictures of animals, playing with her girlie Legos, or reading a book in the hammock.  I must say, SHE IS A JOY! Talking Tea Cups About Us What you will find on Talking Tea Cups….. I am all about strong relationships.  To us humans it comes naturally to do something from a reactive position.  What just happened to us or what was said to us produces a reaction.  I have made a choice to parent or “mommy” from a proactive position.  Based upon what I want to cultivate in the lives of my children relationally, emotionally, and spiritually, I HAVE to be proactive and not reactive or passive.  A lot of ive’s in that sentence, but I hope the meaning is clear.

This website and blog will stress that very thing:

It’s time for women to be proactive and not reactive or passive in the lives of those we influence, be it our own flesh and blood children, adopted children, grandchildren, or those we simply share air with!!  If a child is in our world, we have the power and, in my opinion, the responsibility to influence them for their good.

For women of all ages, young girls, tweens, and teens, this can be achieved simply over two cups of tea or coffee and a treat.  (There’s something about coffee or tea, cookies, and one-on-one time that gets women of all ages talking and sharing!) I started this concept with my daughter about a year ago at the young age of ten and have watched our relationship blossom and grow.  We’ve talked about everything from boys to boobs (hey, God made both!), modesty to menstruating, friendships to fears.  I cherish these moments we have had and look forward to many more with my girl.

But my goal is to stress something with her that seems lost in today’s culture….VIRTUES. Not a popular topic, I hope to continue in the footsteps of a few good women who are reviving this concept.  My goal is to stress inner, not outer beauty in first our own lives as women and especially in the younger ones we influence. I will write about my own chats with my daughter (leaving out any personal details of course) to hopefully give you a springboard to begin those same talks with your special girl.

You will also find some of our favorite recipes for teas and treats, some photos of our tea or coffee times, and a place to order your very own “TALKING TEA CUPS” STARTER KIT. (Click on this link to take you to the SHOP.) Talking Tea Cups Starter Kit If you want to begin this tradition with a special lady, I have hopefully made it easy for you with this website and offer you a place to purchase your kit to get you going.  In the kit you will receive 2 matching cups or mugs, tea bags or coffee/cappuccino samples, a “Discussion Prompts” sheet, and some sort of yummy treat.  All of the tea cups and coffee cups will be a surprise as they come from my local thrift stores that support area women’s shelters or that help provide food and clothing for the poor.  All cups or mugs are re-purposed for these special kits and come in a variety of colors, brands, and designs.  Each kit is priced at $19.95+shipping costs.  You may want to order a kit for yourself or for two precious souls you would like to encourage to start this tradition.  I will ask for you to email me with answers to a few questions that will help me put together the type of kit you would prefer (Coffee or tea?  Favorite color? Caffeine free?….you get the idea). For more information, ORDER YOUR STARTER KIT HERE.

Again, I am so glad to spend this time with you!

Happy sipping!

Tru and Jacie

14 thoughts on “About Us 2 Girls

  1. What a wonderful idea to start with your girls! I know how much wisdom and encouragement I have gleaned with 2 women and 2 cups but I haven’t had the pleasure of doing that with daughters. Great tradition to start and I just might have to adopt some girls to do that with.

  2. My dear friend, you have so beautifully shared your heart. I love you, love your family, and love what you are doing here. Even the source of the kits tells your heart. Can’t wait to get my own Talking Teacups Kit. Maybe I will start this with my granddaughters!

    1. Thank you Brenda! You support is wonderful and appreciated! Love you

  3. Love how God is having you use your two passions, writing and being a mommy, to minister to others. Nothing better than quality time with our girls; be it mother/daughter, sisters in Christ…

    Thanks for letting go us peek into your conversations and encouraging us to pour into our girls’ lives

  4. Trudy Samsill, you are amazing on so many levels! Let me name just a short few, maintain a home and welcome your husband with open arms asking what you can do for him. Downlowd into him what grace was shared in your time with God each day. You are an complished author, creative and educated teacher. You rise and you fall, you enter and you exit, all have purpose to serve, serve a child, serve your Mom or Sister or friend. You are truly one in whom God is well.pleased……Well Done Well Done. Much Lo v e Aunt Joyce

  5. Amazing on so many levels! I tried to write them all in my comment but “it” told me my comment was awaiting moderation. Now when have I ever been moderate! my favorite times with any of my gals are just sippin and talking. I love you!

  6. What a wonderful concept! You have blessed and inspired me today. Love you, new friend.

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