Speak responsibly by Talking Tea Cups

Today is a very special day to me.

And today I am reminded of one truth that I experienced walked out before my very eyes by my mentor who believed in me as a young teen.  It is quite simply this:  WORDS INFLUENCE OTHERS….SPEAK RESPONSIBLY!

Today, April 11, is Laura Tucker’s birthday.  If you have kept up with my other website, mytruwords.com, then you may have read about Laura before at this location.  If not, it’s worth the read to find out how this special woman influenced me and taught me to influence others.  Isn’t that part of what life is all about?

You see, it’s this lady’s birthday though I can’t make her a cake nor hug her neck.  Today she will celebrate another birthday with the angels and those who have gone before her in heaven.

So, from my little spot on earth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA TUCKER!!!

Though I haven’t seen Laura in years, I catch glimpses of her every day.

  • She taught me to enjoy hot tea with honey served in pretty tea cups and how to sip slowly while having long talks with your companion.
  • I hear her in my own words as I find myself asking my daughter and other young women questions she often asked me, “What do you daydream about?”  or “What would you like to do today?” or “How’s your heart?”
  • I see her in my home office in a tiny giraffe she gave me as a young girl knowing this was one of my favorite animals and this little figurine would bring a smile to my face.
  • I hear her words ring in my ears when self-doubt and fears assault me like will anyone read my books or blog posts and consider my simple ramblings?  She would always reassure me with words like “You can do this!  Believe in the God who created you and believe in yourself!  Keep dreaming!”

Then I find myself picking up my pen again or pounding out words on my laptop creating (hopefully) words of hope and encouragement that will fill the pages of my new book, words of inspiration and help for that next blog post.

Thirty-five years ago my mentor spoke words to me that still resonate in my mind and heart.

You have the power and responsibility to do the same with someone else!

As a mentor, your words influence others so SPEAK RESPONSIBLY!

Speak words that last, share them generously, thoughtfully, well-timed, and seasoned with hope and encouragement.

So I lift my tea cup and say “THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MENTOR, LAURA TUCKER!  You spoke responsibly!”

I end with this.

These are the very last words I heard from her.  She wrote a review on my first ebook, Glass Marbles that I published on Amazon.  These words are priceless to me and a treasure, encouragement to keep writing.  Little did she or I know these would be the last words she would ever speak to me.

By Laura Tucker on February 1, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

When I read a story the first thing I look for is a reason to care about the characters. I was immediately interested in this story, the plot idea is direct and doesn’t wander. The only thing I wanted was MORE! I hope Trudy will write a sequel so I can find out what happens in the next months.
Consider being a mentor today.  I MEAN, REALLY CONSIDER IT!  There’s someone out there that needs you and what you have and like me, thirty-five years later, she will remember!

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