Today it is a perfect fall day, one for slowing down and resting.

Not so this week…. Appointments, grandmother in ER, work issues, speech-writing and book-signing at the local library, food to buy, dinners to cook, schedules, deadlines, kids to school…..

And no tea time with my girl.  So today, I thought out of the box, my weary, walls-closed-in, tired kindof box. I needed it as much as my girl did: tea and cookies.  Blueberry tea to be exact.

Twice this week she said, “Hey, Momma.  When are we going to do Talking Tea Cups?”

And twice I had to put it off and reschedule.

So today, I took tea time to her.  I knew she was in the back pasture walking with her dog, checking out how the recent rains had changed the landscape of our 11 acres.  She would be wearing her pink camo mud boots with her hair wild and free.

So I interrupted her discovering and invited her to a different version of tea time….a girl’s pasture party! If you have followed my blog “Soul Shade,” you will recall a post about Pasture Parties; today I incorporated one into Talking Tea Cups! (See PASTURE PARTIES BLOG POST)

Take It to Her

Hopefully I will always remember the look of sheer joy when I struggled through the pasture with 2 pop-up camp chairs, 2 thermoses of blueberry tea, a box of cookies, and a bag with our books and pens and journals 🙂  Yes, I was determined to take it to her!

We found a sunny spot and “camped” there for an hour talking and reading and thinking and dreaming. The reward was sweet for both of us.

“Mom, I missed having tea time this week.  Thanks for doing this!  This is perfect….”

“Mom points” for me 🙂

Seriously, I knew I wanted to surprise her and take it to her.  Without her asking.  Without a plan.  Without expectations.

Just us and time and a beautiful view….

Take It to Her

If you noticed on the photos on the home page of this website it says “PROACTIVELY INFLUENCING GIRLS AND WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE.”

That bears repeating.


If you have found HER, the one you are to mentor, TAKE IT TO HER!

Be proactive, be intentional, and be there.

Today wasn’t one of those tea times where we will remember deep discussions or earth-shaking revelations.  Today we simply sat.  My girl knew I loved her and that she was special to me. Special enough for me to seek her out and take it to her!

Are you getting my drift?

It doesn’t take a well-planned or prepared lesson.  It does take time and an open heart.


Let her talk.

Hear her heart.

Discover the things in her soul.

Then share yours.


So hear my encouragement to all of you who still haven’t felt qualifed or prepared or enough.

Today, after THIS week….all I had to offer was 2 chairs, 2 full thermoses, and a box of cookies.

And it was enough.

Take It to Her

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