It happens to all of us at some time in life or another.

Like a strand of last year’s Christmas lights, we get tangled up. Wires crossed, bulbs flickering or completely out, wads of tightly intertwined loops and knots. Most of the time, I just want to pitch the whole mess and start over!  It can become completely frustrating to find the beginning from the end and discover where to even start with the tangled mess.

Life does that to us very often.  I WISH it was only once a year that I had to untangle one of my heart-messes!

Just recently I was mentoring a sweet young gal and she was all in a tangle.


My heart remembered what it felt like.

To not know which end was which…..

To not remember WHO I was over WHAT I had done….

To not not know what to do, where to turn, which way to even start untangling the mess I was in.

I heard the words come out of her mouth:  “I messed up.  I AM messed up,” as tears shimmered off her cheeks.

Yet I reminded her, “We can fix this mess up, and you are NOT messed up.  Your mistakes doesn’t make YOU a mistake!” What a tangled mess!

I know I have needed someone to help me un-knot myself before!  We base our perceptions of ourselves on our actions.  How unfair we can be to our own precious hearts.

Help her un-tangle and un-knot the confusion of who she is from what she did.

I know there have been times of mentoring when the tangles just seemed to slip away with a little shake or tug.  And other times I have spent hours, days, weeks helping young women untangle, tug, wrestle, and talk her out of throwing the whole mess away.

Mentor, just like working the stubborn tangles out of a mess of last year’s Christmas lights, be patient and give her the gift of YOU!  Someone willing to sit and talk it out, to pray and reason, to listen and shed light and truth.

You will always hear me say, “IT WAS WORTH IT!”

Please don’t forget to schedule the much needed time of mentoring with the one you have hopefully begun mentoring.  These crazy holidays DEMAND we keep our appointments with her, to stop, sip a cup of tea or coffee, share an hour or two.


Make a commitment to FIND HER and give the wonderful Christmas gift of yourself along with a Talking Tea Cups Starter Kit.  You both will be so glad you did!


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