I hope by now that you have read the “About Us 2 Girls” page and have a little bit of an idea of who I am.  If not, head over to that page and read up on me.  With that said, I must say “THANK YOU” for taking the time to browse my site and get to know me and my daughter, at least as much as you can get to know someone through the internet.

If you were coming to my house for a visit, there would be coffee or tea, your choice.  And a plate of something wonderful to munch on.  Depending on the weather, we would either sit by the fireplace, at the dining table, or perch on cushioned patio chairs on my back porch watching the birds and wildlife at the back pond.  My “real” friends can attest to this.  But since you are my “virtual” friend, you will have to supply your own beverage and a good imagination while you read my simple words.

I am a professed word-nerd.  I love to write, read, think, daydream, plan, and prepare.  That’s exactly what you will get a taste of in my blog posts.  My desire is to bring my carefully prepared and planned out words mixed with some ideas and discussions and photos of how my daughter and I do our own “Talking Tea Cups” time.

So why should you consider beginning this same “Talking Tea Cups” tradition with someone? That’s easy.

Hoping to inspire women everywhere to make the time to do the same, I pray that you see the NECESSITY and the GIFT of spending time with your daughter, granddaughter, or a precious young girl that needs a mother/sister/friend in her world.  That woman could and should be YOU!

The wonderful thing about “Talking Tea Cups” time is this: ANYONE can do it!  The expense is what you make it. Basically it will cost you two things: enough money for a drink and a treat AND your time.

I have to warn you though:  “Talking Tea Cups” is ADDICTIVE, REWARDING, and LIFE-CHANGING!  It will have a great impact on you, as the leader, and on the sweet young girl you spend this time with. Just a side note:  there is no age limit!  How wonderful that you can spend this time with any girl, teen, young woman, new mommy, married mid-lifer, empty nester, or older woman! The only requirement is that you choose someone who needs a mentor, friend, helper….you get the idea.

If you have seen the movie War Room, there is a scene that stuck with me and cemented this idea in my head and heart even more.  Ms. Clara is talking to Elizabeth and tells Elizabeth that she was blessed by their time together, even though Ms. Clara was the one helping Elizabeth.  Later she prays that God would send her another woman to influence!

Never stop with just one young lady!  There are plenty more that need mentoring, befriending, helping, even raising.

And that’s WHY I do this with my daughter. I hope you catch the vision too!

Talking Tea Cups

2 thoughts on “The WHY Behind “Talking Tea Cups”

  1. Yes, I can “attest to this” that you live life like this!! Always a treat and a drink of your choice:) the view from the patio is magnificent or next to the fireplace is cozy! I’m so proud of you for finally getting this together! My favorite times in life are those one on one deep conversations with another!! Love you and my time with you!

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