Thanks for visiting my author page! Yes, in my free time (that I really have to fight for), I write!  Blogger, author, word-nerd….that’s me!

Outside of TALKING TEA CUPS, I have my newly released AUTHOR WEBSITE where you can learn a bit more about me and my books, and if you were a follower of my past blog “Soul Shade” you will find its new home at MY TRU WORDS/BLOG.  Here I write to help us all find a bit of “shade for our weary souls.”

Just a quick word about my books…. So far I have written 4 Christian Fiction books; one is a short story and the other three are a series.  I completed the three book series in October of this year so now I have a bit more time to devote on my “Talking Tea Cups” passion….until the book-bug bites again 🙂

Here is the link to my Amazon Author’s page and from there you can view and order each book.  All 4 are in ebook format and the 3 book series is also in paperback format. Trudy Samsill’s Author Page on Amazon

Hope you enjoy browsing these books on Amazon and maybe purchasing them. My heart’s desire is for my readers to find hope and inspiration between the pages of these stories!

Trudy Trudy Samsill, Author & Blogger